When Does Summer Vacation End?

The school committee recently approved the 2013-2014 Westborough school calendar.

Although spring officially starts today, Westborough parents now know when summer vacation ends.

Students' first day of school is Aug. 28, according to the 2013-2014 school calendar the school committee approved last week.

The calendar is "one of the better ones that we've had in a long time," School Superintendent Marianne O'Connor said.

Classes are in session for "five full weeks," starting the week of Sept. 9, she said.

There also is a seven-week uninterrupted stretch, starting the week of Feb. 24, the calendar notes.

The winter breaks are Dec. 23 to Jan. 1 and Feb. 18 to Feb. 21. Spring break is April 22 to April 25.

The 181st and last day of school is June 16, a half-day for students only. Five snow days would push the end of school to June 23.

School committee member Bruce Tretter noted that classes resume in January on Jan. 2, a Thursday, which is "not a lot of time to get back into the swing of school. Also, it's during prime heating season."

Tretter suggested extending this winter break to have classes resume Monday, Jan. 6 instead. He suggested adding the two days to the end of the year.

O'Connor noted that school would end on June 23 if five snow days are needed.


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