Snow Day Decision "Not a Simple Thing"

School superintendent discusses how she decides.

Westborough School Superintendent Marianne O'Connor. Patch file photo.
Westborough School Superintendent Marianne O'Connor. Patch file photo.
Cancelling school due to snow is "not a simple thing. It's not just my decision. It's the decision of several people," Westborough School Superintendent Marianne O'Connor said Wednesday night.

O'Connor told the Westborough School Committee she wanted to "clarify for the community how we call a snow day."

Westborough had two snow days last week: Thursday and Friday, during the season't most significant storm.

O'Connor said she begins around 4:30 a.m. by calling the department of public works.

She also calls the police.

She also talks with eight or nine superintendents "and then we make a decision collectively."

"It's not a simple thing. We try very hard to keep school open. But we also respect the safety of the students. We have young drivers driving to school," and consider the safety of the bus drivers, and the students on the buses, O'Connor said.


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