Schools' Response Monday to Newtown 'Amazing'

'Our focus was to continue to provide reassurance to students that they were safe,' O'Connor says.

Westborough public school administrators and support personnel did “an amazing job” Monday, the first day of school following , Superintendent Marianne O’Connor told the school committee Wednesday night.

O’Connor also personally thanked Police Chief Alan Gordon, who was in “constant communication with me over the weekend, and supported all of our plans on Monday.”

“Our focus was to continue to provide reassurance to students that they were safe,” said O’Connor, whose son and grandchildren reside in Newtown. Her 6-year-old granddaughter attends first grade in another school there.

O’Connor thanked the Westborough community for its support Monday as well.

“So many have been affected by this senseless event, especially those who have raised or are raising a child, and those who work with children,” O’Connor said.

“As I visited the schools on Monday, there was no doubt in my mind that those working with our students were being cared for by caring and compassionate adults. A calm and confident environment was ever-present, and that’s exactly what we expected.”

Westborough school officials spent part of the weekend “preparing age-appropriate scripts and scenarios” for use in the schools, O’Connor said.

The school district’s comprehensive emergency response plan is “constantly monitored and reviewed, and focuses on prevention, preparedness and response,” she said.

The school committee opened its meeting Wednesday night with a moment of silence for the Newtown victims.


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