Governor Patrick Releases Task Force Report on School Safety and Security

The report includes recommendations for school districts on how to improve their schools’ safety and security.

Earlier today, Governor Deval Patrick released the report of the state’s Task Force on School Safety and Security. The report is a resource for school leaders and community members to enhance safety and security in preparation for the upcoming school year.

“We know that for our students to achieve at the highest level it is imperative that they feel safe at school each and every day,” said Governor Patrick. “The steps we are taking today will help school districts build or enhance safety plans that work for them. We are fortunate to live in a state where everyone recognizes the value in working together on this issue.”

29 recommendations presented by the Task Force that could be used to strengthen school safety and security were included in the report. A state-level technical assistance team has also been established. The team will offer strategies for school districts to use in improving safety and security in their schools, by helping districts create and/or enhance their safety plans.

The team will be appointed later this summer by the Secretaries of Education, Health and Human Services and Public Safety, and will consist of professionals from the education, mental health, and law enforcement communities, among others.

The Governor also announced a state-funded grant program that will allow school districts to apply for funds that can be used to enhance school safety and security. Fiscal Year 2015 budget dedicates $200,000 for this purpose. The Executive Office of Education will administer the grants, and will distribute a Request for Proposals in August.

A new webpage dedicated to School Safety and Security has also been set up on the Executive Office of Education website. School districts looking for resources and information related to school safety and security can find information on the webpage.

The Task Force on School Safety and Security has met regularly since January while developing school safety and security guidelines that school districts could adapt and implement. The Task Force was co-chaired by the Secretaries of Education, Health and Human Services and Public Safety.

“Education provides the opportunity to achieve and Governor Patrick remains committed to ensuring children in the Commonwealth learn in a safe, peaceful environment,” said Public Safety Secretary Andrea Cabral. “The Task Force on School Safety has addressed youth violence, identified gaps in service needs, and made recommendations to accomplish this Administration’s objective.”

Frank Haggerty July 17, 2014 at 03:28 PM
Here is the report : http://www.mass.gov/edu/docs/eoe/school-safety-security/school-safety-report.pdf
Rob C July 17, 2014 at 04:40 PM
Biggest threat to kids in schools is a nut job with a bag full of weapons. Only way to have any successful defense against that is to have a select few teachers with weapons of their own that are willing to respond if such an incident were to happen. Throw them a little extra in the paycheck for the service they are providing. Much better to already have people on site ready to respond immediately and deal with the threat than to call police and wait 5 minutes for them to show, then another 5-10 minutes while they decide what to do and then end up just going in to clean up the mess when it is all done. The rest covered in the report is pretty basic and not sure why a committee had to be put together to discuss it.
Jason July 17, 2014 at 10:02 PM
We need ED-209's at every school.


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