Game Over for Mill Pond Gym Floor?

$215,000 replacement project proposed.

An estimated $215,000 Mill Pond School gym floor replacement project has been proposed by school officials for town meeting approval.

The 10-year-old floor has “reached its useful life expectancy” and constantly bubbles and tears, Director of Finance and Administration Irene Oliver told the school committee Wednesday night.

“The floor was never adhered properly to the manufacturer’s specifications,” Oliver said.

“It was only adhered around the perimeters. We suspect there was moisture at the time of installation.”

The $215,000 estimate includes $130,000 for the new floor; $57,500, to mitigate moisture under the current floor; $2,500 for an architect’s line drawing; $5,000 for due diligence and $20,000 for contingencies.

Oliver said the figures are based on industry standards. Director of Buildings and Grounds Brian Schlegel added that school officials received quotations from vendors as well.

Oliver said the $57,500 isn’t guaranteed to be spent.

“I’m not saying there’s moisture under there, but we’re putting that in there just in case,” she said.

A floor similar to the one at the Armstrong Elementary School is eyed.

The Armstrong floor, installed in 1995, has a 20-year lifespan, “and that’s been used seven days a week,” and the community “can get much more out of it,”

Schlegel said.

The Mill Pond School gym floor, on the other hand, has required ongoing repairs.

Oliver said the floor has “over 100 small patches” and several large ones

“Every morning, the p.e. teachers have to walk the floor to make sure there’s no tears and cracks,” she said.

Oliver and Schlegel presented photos of the floor, including, Oliver said, “a six- to seven-foot crack that occurred about a month ago.”

School Superintendent Marianne O’Connor said physical education teachers are repairing issues in the floor themselves.

Oliver said she and Schlegel presented their request to Westborough’s Capital Expenditures Committee Monday night.

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