Fales Playground's Newest Addition Has Students Having a Ball

The Westborough Woman's Club donated a hoop for lighter-weight balls.

Since the school year started, Fales Elementary School students have had another incentive to use the school playground.

The Westborough Woman's Club donated a new hoop for lighter-weight balls, Principal Maryann Stannard said Thursday.

The club had e-mailed looking for ideas for “something that the schools could use to help enhance the school, but also enhance the community," she said.

“I had wanted to add more to the playground, and so presented this as an option," Stannard said.

The hoop went up at the beginning of school, she said.

“It’s been very popular," Stannard said.

"In fact, it’s so popular that the parent group is now going to help us out and purchase one for the other end of the building, the back of the building, for that playground, for the Kindergarteners and third graders to use."


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