Average Westborough Teacher Pay 76th in the State

New study compares teacher salaries in Massachusetts’ communities.

Westborough Public Schools. Credit: Patch
Westborough Public Schools. Credit: Patch

The average teacher salary in Westborough in 2013 is slightly more than $76,000, according to a new report by the Boston Business Journal.

Westborough comes in at 76th on the list, $76,127.

That salary is down from $76,637 in 2012. The average was $74,375 in 2008, a five-year change of 2 percent. There are more teachers working in the system in 2013 – 263 – slightly more than 2008, when the system had 259.

"There's really not much consistency among local towns and cities when it comes to teacher salaries and employment," the report, posted by the Journal's Craig Douglas, said. "Some communities are spending more than ever, while others are below where they were before the last recession."

The highest average teacher salary is $95,947, in the Concord-Carlisle system. The Lincoln-Sudbury school system came in second with an average teacher salary of $94,087. The community of Florida in western Massachusetts came in last with $35,497.

The data didn’t analyze education level or years working in the system, factors that determine what teachers are paid.

Read the full report and access data from all Massachusetts towns on this link.


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