School Board Discusses Budget Deadline

A school board member will discuss this idea with selectmen: changing their deadline in Westborough's charter.

School committee members want selectmen to consider supporting changing their budget deadline in Westborough’s charter.

The current schedule requires school officials to begin budget preparation as the school year starts, and hold a budget public hearing during the holiday season, Chairman Ilyse Levine-Kanji says.

The board voted unanimously this past Wednesday night to have a member discuss the charter change idea with the board of selectmen.

The charter, found here, includes the following budget provision.

“No less than ten (10) days before the end of the calendar year, or not less than ninety (90) days prior to the date of the start of the Annual Town Meeting, whichever is later, the Town Manager shall submit to the Board of Selectmen and file with the Advisory Finance Committee and Capital Expenditures Planning Committee a proposed budget for the ensuing fiscal year with an accompanying budget message and supporting documents.”

The town manager’s budget includes the schools’ request, the charter says.

School officials had the same deadline “even when the town meeting was in May,” Vice Chairman Stephen Doret said.

Doret suggested changing the schools’ deadline to “middle of January, or perhaps the beginning of February.”

“If we change the language, we can get the relief we would like,” he said.

Levine-Kanji recently suggested seeking March 16 annual town meeting approval to move town meeting back to May.

“If we had town meeting back in May instead of in March, we would be starting this process two months later,” Levine-Kanji said last Wednesday night.

Doret said town meeting was held in May for three or four years. Attendance fell, he said.

Stephen Faris December 23, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Folks, The School Committee thinks a 3.07% increase for FY14 is ok. This comes after 3 consecutive years of 3% increases. This is close to 1 million dollars per year when all is considered. As I have said, we need to see a cut to help pay for the Fire Station and other projects. The Union must take a cut and give back to the town that is in danger of soaking its citizens. We 200 to 300 people soak the rest of us tax payers. Steve
Stephen Faris December 23, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Hi this is Steve again. Sorry for the last sentence above. I should have said, "we do not want 200-300 people to control our taxes". Yet that is exactly what happens at town meeting. We need a citizens petition to tell our leadership we have had enough. We want good schools but we as a town can not afford excessive salary benefits. Dr.Gary Shilling a noted economist on Wall Street says: "Public Employees get 36% higher salaries that the average private sector worker, but they really shine in benefits with 76% better benefits than the average private sector worker". Folks, how long can this go on. Lets get to Town meeting and take our town back. Also, I am writing an Article for town meeting that we hold our property tax increase to 0% with under-rides in the future. Please email if your willing to on on growing list of tax payers who are fed up. Respond this or send me your email address and address and telephone #. Stephen Faris sjfaris@aol.com. Thank for your attention. Steve


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