5 Things You Missed at Selectmen's Meeting

This is like reading the crib notes, isn't it?

The Westborough Board of Selectmen met on Tuesday, Sept. 27 in Here are five things you missed at the meeting:


1. Once an oil company fills a heating tank, the oil is considered “spent” and, therefore, has no market value. That was the lesson for selectmen as Assistant Town Manager Kristi Williams asked the board to approve the disposal of 450 gallons of oil left in the Town Hall tank now that the building has switched to natural gas.

“Every year we have so many seniors in need of home heating oil. Can we give it away?” asked Selectman George Thompson.

After a short discussion, it was decided that employees of the will try to pump it out of the tank so that it can be reused. However, the selectmen voted to approve disposal of the oil in the event that it cannot be pumped out for reuse.


2. The board discussed plans to ease flooding issues for who are affected by Jack Straw Brook.

Town Manager Jim Malloy shared a map of a new path that will be created for water diversion, and he explained that there are two fixes being considered for the area. One is to install two 48 inch pipes, and the other is to install a 3 foot by 10 foot culvert. The culvert is the better plan, he said, but it will more expensive.

Bids for several levels of service will be considered and each is expected to fall within the already earmarked $600,000 for the project, which will keep the issue from going before Town Meeting for funding approval in the future, Malloy explained.


3. The selectmen voted to approve and close the warrant for the Oct. 17 Special Town Meeting. There are 15 articles for voter consideration, including a request for $10,000 for a National Citizens Survey. The survey, Malloy said, is to measure town satisfaction with the services being offered by the Town of Westborough. “In my opinion, it give you some direction where you put your attention,” he said.

Both selectmen Thompson and Lydia Goldblatt opposed the article. “I don’t need to spend $10,000 to know that we have exemplary services in the town,” said Goldblatt.

Selectmen approved the article with a 3-2 vote.


4. Town Manager Jim Malloy organized a subcommittee for the purpose of negotiating with the Massachusetts Division of Capital Management for the purchase of Westborough State Hospital. Among the members are Malloy, Thompson, Town Planner Jim Robbins, Earl Storey of the DPW, Conservation Commission member Garry Kessler and Selectman Ian Johnson.


5. The board approved site plans for a Sikh temple to be constructed on Flanders Road. The New England Sikh Study Circle has outgrown its church in Milford, attorney Marshall Gould explained, and it plans to construct a new facility on a property that abuts .

The new facility includes a temple with an upstairs prayer hall, downstairs kitchen and reception area, and a pastor’s residence. The driveway to the temple will be located across the street from the badminton club. There is a 7 to 8 acre manmade pond on the grounds and parking for about 127 cars.

Members of the congregation told selectmen that they expect the new facility to expand the congregation to about 450 members. Gould said that the church is the largest Sikh church in New England and draws members from surrounding states.


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