Snow Can Be a Detective's Best Friend

Also in strange and/or quirky police news, we share a tip for dealing with an aggressive turkey.

Snow can be a detective's best friend.

It's hard to not leave a trace when you leave a trail of your footprints through the snow. Three alleged purse snatchers made Marlborough officers' job easier by running away through the snow: and leaving footprints that were easy to follow. When captured, the suspects also reportedly had two pounds of marijuana (also stolen).

It's always the last place you look.

A Medfield resident called the Fire Department in the last week reporting a smell of gas in the house. Firefighters responded and were able to locate the source: a gas can.

It can't be easy, working in customer service.

. Police found her sitting in the parking lot in her car. 

Where's a broom when you need one?

A Northborough shopper this week called police after coming face to waddle in a parking lot with what was described to police as an aggressive turkey. Police say these types of calls aren't all that unusual: and that your best defense against an aggressive turkey is generally a broom.


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