Secret Service Investigates 'Counterfeit' Bills After Bank Denies Service

A Westborough man was told money he had just received from a bank over the weekend was counterfeit; the Secret Service investigated.

When a Westborough man tried to pay his bills at Citizens Bank in Westborough this weekend he was told something no one wants to hear: the money was counterfeit.

However, according to a press release from the Westborough Police Department, that was not the case.

“The Westborough Police contacted the Secret Service and an investigator determined that the 14 $100 bills were not counterfeit,” the release said. “They were an older denomination which made the bank teller question them."

The man initially took his paycheck to Sovereign Bank, where he cashed it for $1,800 in $100 bills. After that he took it to the Citizens Bank for a deposit when he was told 14 of the bills he had been given were fraudulent.

All appears to be well now for the man, though. Police Chief Alan Gordon says that the Secret Service will be returning the money to the man.


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