Police Warn: IRS Isn't Threatening Residents

Police say they get daily reports about this scam.

The Westborough Police Department. Patch file photo.
The Westborough Police Department. Patch file photo.
A new -- and daily -- phone scam this tax season threatens to take Westborough residents' money.

Westborough Police on Thursday warned that people are calling residents "claiming they are with the IRS and they have a warrant for the arrest of the resident for non payment of taxes."

The resident is told to get a money order from a convenience store, and then give the caller the code number, police said on their Facebook page.

"The thief then goes to a store which is out of state and retrieves the money," police said.

Police said they are getting daily reports of this scam.

Residents should hang up and then tell police.
Prometheus January 16, 2014 at 07:37 AM
Correct, The IRS does not threaten, they simply take that which they did not create.


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