'Keep Choosing Love'

About 30 people attend a prayer gathering at Westborough's First United Methodist Church for the victims of the Newtown, Conn. tragedy.

Friday night, hours after the , Westborough’s First United Methodist Church became “a refuge, a shelter,” in the words of its pastor.

“We needed to open up the church – and I’m sure churches all over the country are opening – just for people to be together,” the Rev. John Wesley Taylor said.

About 30 people attended the informal prayer gathering, during which Scripture was read and organist Elizabeth Kubota and cellist Christine Tsen performed.

Kubota played "Gabriel’s Oboe,” Taylor noted.

“Every time she plays it, I cry,” he said.

“But tonight, we cry because we think of the victims. We think of 20 kids who went to school today, the parents of those 20 kids that tonight can’t imagine life without their little ones.”

Taylor said that “our country is going to be challenged this week” “to “see the light in the darkness.”

“We can’t imagine we live in a world where anything like this could happen. Innocence was attacked,” he said.

Taylor also noted the adults who “without hesitation, they stepped forward” during Friday’s tragedy and “most likely saved children.”

“We need to focus as best as we can on light and love, even in the midst of such horror and tragedy,” Taylor said.

“Keep choosing love.”


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