Oh My: Fearless Turkey, Loose Donkeys

In other unusual police news, a neighbor dispute led to an inappropriate display.

Are you considered "dressed" if you're wearing no clothes?

A Milford man reported this week he was having a problem with his neighbor. The neighbor, he said, . We're not sure what that means, exactly: but we're going to go with the theory that the man was not dressed at all.

It's Dominick the Donkey!

In Dover recently, police received a call for donkeys in the roadway. Officers found the animals' owners, and returned them to safety.

In other wild animal news...

A turkey has been terrorizing Natick this month. OK, so "terrorizing," might be a bit strong, but he did attack a mailman. He's quite fearless, one resident says. Methinks he might be feeling a bit cocky after successfully avoiding becoming someone's Thanksgiving Day meal.

Online news providers don't wake you up in the morning with noisy devivery vehicles. Just sayin'.

Medfield police received multiple calls early one morning this week for a noisy vehicle. The first caller thought it was a motorcycle racing. Another caller thought it was a car. A third caller reported it was a paper delivery car with a defective exhaust. The department then received two more complaints about what was apparently the same vehicle: a 2008 Kia Spectra, which turned out to be the paper delivery man. The Kia did have a defective muffler and the driver was instructed to find another car to finish his route. 

If you think getting away with stealing from your employer for weeks on end is too good to be true, it probably is.

A Target employee in Westborough was apparently being watched by loss prevention for weeks before he was arrested this week. The man allegedly stole $4,500 in merchandise over a month; when police arrested him, he had five iPads.


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