Are you ready to LET YOUR YOGA DANCE?Sunday, June 8, 10:30am–12:00pm with Malu Doherty 


If you’re new to LET YOUR YOGA DANCE, no problem....this practice doesn't require dance or yoga experience. It’s an all are welcome, come-as-you-are, kind of class that offers suggestions, but not a lot of choreography or tricky yoga. All you need is an open mind and a desire to let loose and have fun. 

 Folks who have danced their yoga have described it as, powerful, fun, liberating, connected, relaxing and peaceful - all in one class. A LYYD class is a safe place for you to express yourself, to shake something loose that’s been holding you down, and to connect with others in a community of supportive people who love to laugh. If you’ve ever put on some great music and danced with friends in your kitchen.....Well, then its a lot like that. So, if want to have fun and free your spirit, then sign up for this JOY ride! Space is loving but LIMITED. Pre-registration and purchase is required. Early bird Pricing $20 until June 1. ($25 after).  Register at www.SOHUM.org Tel 508-329-3338


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