On Tuesday you have a very important choice to make

On Tuesday you have a very important choice to make. Do we put our state back on track by making a change at the State House or do we continue with the status quo?

On Tuesday you have a very important choice to make.  Do we put our state back on track by making a change at the State House or do we continue with the status quo?

I strongly believe that the people of Holliston, Hopkinton, Southborough and Westborough deserve a strong State Representative who will fight for meaningful reform on issues such as improving our economy and creating more transparency at the State House.

Since announcing for office I have released several plans I want to pursue.   Small business Reforms to Improve the economy

•        Amend the laws governing freelancers and independent contractors so we can encourage entrepreneurship through self-employment

•        Require the state to do a cost/benefit analysis of regulations every 5 years

•        Pass a 3 year moratorium on new health care mandates

•        End the inventory tax

•        Allow more options in health care insurance products

•        Allow businesses to appeal labor judgments against them

  I support the following reforms to create more transparency:

1.       End the legislative exemption from the public records law.

2.       Prohibit the passage of controversial items at informal sessions.  Once a Senator or Representative has submitted a written objection to the respective leaders of their chamber, then that item cannot be taken up during an informal session.  In previous years, Senator Murray tried to push through the controversial wind energy bill during informal session.

3.       Require the State Auditor to conduct a comprehensive audit of the legislature yearly. 

4.       Stop the bundling of amendments.  This will create more transparency within the legislative process and within our state budgets.

5.       End the legislative exemption for the Open Meeting Law.

6.       End the legislative exemption from the Fair Procurement Law.

7.       Require bills to be in print and online for 72 hours before voting on them.  Last year the final version of the state budget was passed at the last minute.  After it emerged from the Conference Committee, the bill was not in print for 72 hours.

8.       Subject the judiciary branch to the public records law for administrative records only.

9.       Require the Ethics Committee to be bi-partisan.  Right now the membership of the Ethics Committee is bi-partisan but is dominated by the majority party.  I want equal membership for the two parties.  This will ensure accountability for legislators rather partisan perfunctory investigations.  As it stands now the committee is just a rubber stamp for the majority party.

10.   Prohibit legislative members from serving in a leadership if he or she has been indicted.  After Senator Jim Marzilli was accused of sexual assault, he was allowed to collect his extra pay as Chairman for months.  

11.   Require that committee votes are recorded and published online.

12.   Prohibit felons from collecting pensions while incarcerated.

13.   Reform the public records law so the Governor’s administration and state agencies have to comply not avoid it.  The Pioneer Institute has long complained about the lack of compliance with the public records law.  “Simple requests can take a year or more to fulfill, search and reproduction fees climb into the thousands of dollars and government offices claim dubious exemption all leaving the public in the dark and denying their basic right to know.”

As a proud father of two recent Holliston High School graduates, I care deeply about our children being prepared to compete in the new global market.  I will work to improve academic standards, reduce the size of classrooms, and implement full day kindergarten statewide.  

As our next State Representative, I will support the MCAS standard and will fight Governor Patrick’s effort to use the lower federal standards.  I want greater accountability for failing schools and an emphasis on core subjects like math, reading, and history.  

I will work to recruit and retain the best qualified teachers and require teachers to be proficient in the subjects they teach.  I will support efforts to re-direct money from the bureaucracy to the classroom.  I want to give local schools flexibility in deciding how to allocate their resources and want to end the practice of unfunded mandates being placed on our schools.  Most importantly, I will fight for our fair share of school aid from the state.

I am endorsed by the Worcester Telegram, Citizens for Limited Taxation, the National Federation of Independent Business, and New Jobs for Massachusetts.

For more information on my other reforms please visit ElectMartyLamb.com.

On Tuesday I would be honored to have your vote.


Thank you


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