Restaurant Review - Angry Ham's Garage

Angry Hams Garage miss fires.

Angry Ham's Garage

2 Beacon Street

Framingham MA


Spike has a new show called Bar Rescue, think Kitchen Nightmares applied to pubs.  John Taffer is the Gordon Ramsay, applying science to propping up bars.

He recently helped two Framingham pubs….Angry Ham's Garage and The Chicken Bone.

I headed over to check out the work at Angry Ham's Garage after the visit with a couple friends.

The first note is during the show the name, “Angry Ham's Garage,” suggested as a somewhat pejorative reference to people from Framingham, was changed to “Octane.”  That didn’t last long…and shortly after the

The bar area was about 75% occupied, and the restaurant was empty.  Sitting in the restaurant, we noticed a mural commemorating Framingham (installed during the show) had been removed replaced with a (nice looking) Budweiser ad.  Certainly the bridge being built to the town wasn’t symbolically retained.

We sat in the booths, and noted how dark and cold the place felt.  The booths had very little lighting, and the garage motif décor just read as cold.

Not nearly as cold as our beer.  I don’t know what the precise temperature was, but it was one of the coldest beers I’ve had in ages. 

The music was blaring in the empty restaurant, and one of my friends commented there was too much base, with a throbbing loud beat.  I had to agree…..and found it annoying.  I’m OK with loud music, but it has to sound good.

We tried an appetizer plate.  The wings and the fries were good, the potato skins were just “OK”, and the mozzarella triangles literally had no cheese left after the food prep.

So….another round of beers?  No, we passed and moved on.

Three guys….cold beer….and we moved on after one round.

‘Nuf said.

Angry Ham's Garage

gets an AMBER LIGHT – if you want to have a cold beer, drop by.  Otherwise, pass.

About the RAG scale:

       Green Light – Go and enjoy

       Amber Light – Use caution

       Red Light – Save your time and money

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Tim Dodd October 08, 2011 at 02:06 PM
Gary- A friend and I stumbled upon Angry Ham's shortly after it opened, and I've been back fiver or six times since. The food is fantastic, and it is certainly a unique atmosphere.
Gary Kelley October 10, 2011 at 05:21 PM
Tim, I'm glad you like Angry Hams. We moved on to Framingham's The Bone (aka Chicken Bone) and finished out our night there. I used to work at Dennison, and always thought of the Chicken Bone as a biker place. We were pleased to find a packed house, live music, and great wings.
Scott Rancourt March 12, 2012 at 08:29 PM
I think since your visit, Gary, they've made some refinements. I've been several times, and have yet to have anything other than a fantastic, generous meal, the noise volume has been appropriate, lighting is plenty bright and the place is very clean. They've several TVs sprinkled throughout, on several different channels. There was once when I was in that the sound was switched to the TV that was set to a music channel, but they switched over to the sports channel as more people came in. Chicken Bone has good food as well, but was significantly darker inside, and cramped by comparison. I highly recommend Angry Ham's.
Gary Kelley March 12, 2012 at 08:47 PM
I haven't been back, only because it's not been convenient with my work schedule. They have a well regarded karaoke band on Thursday nights, Fingercuff (http://www.fingercuff.net/) I want to catch.... So I will have to make a point to head back.
Scott Rancourt March 13, 2012 at 03:19 PM
They also have a very good band playing there on Saturday the 24th. 8 piece band with horns, if you like that type of music. That may goes a ways toward changing the perception as well, given that it isn't loud, head-banging heavy metal music.


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