Sledders Reign After Blizzard

The Westborough Country Club was packed Sunday.

Westborough resident Augustus “Skip” Ashton didn’t need a shovel during the Blizzard of ’13.

He was in warm Florida, on a business and family trip.

But Sunday, Ashton found himself grabbing a shovel just as his Westborough neighbors did this weekend.

Without the memories of living through the storm.

“I flew in from Miami this morning, and it was fine. It got down to 78 (Saturday). On the news, it looked really snowy up here,” Ashton said.

“It was perfect. I flew into Logan. It was open. The roads were all open.”

“It’s fantastic. I love it. It’s a little crowded across the street, but I like the snow. It’s good to see,” he continued.

Across the street, sledders and snow tubers packed the Westborough Country Club.

At times, incoming vehicles waited for parking spaces to open.

“It’s pretty good. It’s a little bumpy. It’s going better with the snow tubes than the plastic sleds,” resident Scott Hadley said.

Hadley said the streets were in “pretty good” condition.

“It took a little bit to get dug out (Saturday),” he said.

“We’ve been planning this sledding trip for a little while. We’re glad that we finally have the snow.”

Northborough resident Jeff Turgeon said the snow was “getting better as the snow packs down.”

“With that fluffy, fluffy snow especially so deep, you’ve got to pack it down in order to get some speed,” he said.

Turgeon said his family spent “a good four to six hours” on Saturday  shoveling out, “between getting all of the different doorways cleared and then the end of the driveway.”

“Today, they’re great,” he said of the roads.

Routes 9 and 30 in Westborough were down to pavement Sunday.

Many neighborhood streets remained snow covered. Parking lots were covered, too.

“Everything’s narrow. Big piles on the corners,” resident John Kreell said,


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