10 Stories Top Hot Week in News

From the heat blazing on marathon runners to the blazing fire at Stop & Shop, there were hot stories in Westborough this week.


1. Nineteen of the 20 Westborough residents registered for the Boston Marathon took on . Patch provided , a and .

2. A fire from the rotisserie oven at the this week forced the store to close on Sunday, April 15. .

3. A has Westborough detectives busy. . Anyone with information on other break-ins, is asked to call 508-366-3060.

4. A 7-year-old boy, inspired by the elves in the classic fairy tale The Elves and the Shoemaker, organized a shoe donation for children in Haiti. .

5. Westborough Police Chief Alan Gordon and Sgt. Jonathan Kalagher traveled to New Hampshire to pay respects to slain Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney. Gordon tells Westborough Patch that though he did not personally know Maloney, “he’s still my brother.”

6. Officer Jeff Keaveney, once a professional baseball player, took first place in the heavyweight division of the Central Maine Strongman competition. Westborough Patch has details about his jaw-dropping performance and video from one of his events.

7. Police at the scene were heard saying that the man made off with a large amount of cash.

8. A frozen yogurt store is set to open in Westborough on June 1. .

9. The newest exhibit at the features the talents of Northborough photographer Jeannine Vitale. Her life is as captivating as her photographs. .

10. In this week’s Next week, we turn the spotlight on to our talented town florists.


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