There's Snow Excuse!

Snow reminders for winter safety: it seems many people have forgotten what needs to be done after a snowstorm!

Welcome to winter, as we always knew it. Last winter was a treat, with no snow and warm temperatures month after month. But we knew that wouldn’t happen again. Since it’s been two years since the white stuff has covered the ground, here’s a few snow courtesy reminders.

 First of all: shovel the sidewalks in front of your house. Children need to walk to school or to the bus stop. It is a serious safety issue if they have to walk, stand and wait for the bus in the street, especially if that street is a busy one. Other folks need to walk their dogs or walk themselves. Clear the snow from your fire hydrant, too. You will be glad you did if it’s your house on fire.

 Homeowners with oil heat: your oil man will thank you if you take the time to shovel a path to the fill. Imagine having to haul that heavy hose all around the house while wading through deep snow. Imagine doing it thirty-six times in one day. Doing this really helps.

 Be extra watchful in parking lots. Large snow piles make it almost impossible to see if anyone’s coming, either in another car or on foot.

 Make sure your mailbox is accessible. Get rid of dangerous ice on the walks and steps.

 Allow time for your car windows to defrost before you hit the road. I actually see morning drivers in the rotary peering through little portholes in their windshields-very unsafe. Remove snow from the roof of your car so it doesn’t blow off and blind the person driving behind you.

 And lastly, slow down when it’s snowing. Just because you drive a big, honking SUV doesn’t mean it’s OK to drive fast in heavy snow. Everyone needs to allow extra time for stopping.

 Lest you think I’m a Snow Scrooge, now for the joys of the white stuff: put a stew on the stove, curl up with a book or a good movie and enjoy some down time the next time it snows. Or bundle up the kids, grab the sleds and snow tubes and head to the country club for some excellent fun on the big hills. Enjoy a brisk walk downtown (on shoveled sidewalks) in late afternoon when the sun is golden against the bluish shadows in the snow. Take the camera and create a beautiful screen saver. Or simply look out your window. And dream of spring!

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Kerri A Casey January 04, 2013 at 03:08 AM
Great reminders Debbie! A big THANKS to Westborough DPW, who cleared the sidewalk at my kids bus stop for us this week. Much appreciated DPW :-)
TBH January 04, 2013 at 02:38 PM
Unfortunately, Westborough seems to be chock full of uncourteous residents. It is ridiculous how many people neglect to shovel their sidewalks, forcing school kids to walk in the street. Even worse, the majority of these people actually have snowblowers and manage to keep their driveways as clean as a whistle, but stop short at the thought of clearing the walks, even worse, leaving a pile of blown snow at the beginning of the sidewalk, making walking all the more treacherous. Frankly, I think the town needs to consider handing out fines, or at least initial warnings. Other towns do it and after all, we need the revenue. If you are so fortunate to live in a neighborhood that the town has provided a sidewalk for, it is incumbent upon the homeowner to take care of its upkeep!
Deb Schradieck January 04, 2013 at 03:33 PM
I agree with you, TBH. In my own downtown neighborhood, most people clear their sidewalks but some don't do the whole sidewalk (what's the point of that?). The problem is, if it doesn't get done right away, the snow turns hard as cement and it's impossible to remove it; plus, it becomes icy and treacherous. The investor-owned properties are the worst. These landlords only do the most minimal snow removal. You know who you are! On Summer Street there are several longtime offenders. I say, send them a notice, then fine them. They need to view it at the very least as a cost of doing business, as well as a courtesy.


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