"My Skin Is Getting Pretty Thick" Thanks to The Patch

Still hoping it's possible to have a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions in the modern era.

So I have to admit, I'm relatively new here. I think I have been a member of Framingham Patch for about four months. I enjoy the articles and blogs and appreciate the updates of the goings on in Framingham. It's been great to exchange opinions with people here, and getting their input on mine.

Interesting word ... opinions. We all have them, and some are stronger than others. I must admit that I like to share mine. So I stahted (Boston accent) a blog to do just that. Now I have to admit, I didn't like the criticism I got from some of the commentators. I developed a really thin skin. That resulted in some rude exchanges with people. I took a couple weeks off and decided to start again. The past 2 weeks have been very eye opening. And now I would like to give my OPINIONS on what I have seen.

Why must almost every topic devolve into the topic of Illegal Immigration in Framingham?

I get it, there are illegal aliens here. Some are here to work hard and build a future with their families and hope to become citizens. Some don't want that. I'm not going to say we should have one big "Love" in and embrace each other over this issue.

I'm just going to say that these people are Human Beings, as Myd Nevins so eloquently put it today, and there really is no cut and dried simple solution. No matter how easy some make it out to be. And as much as some need to be just deported, they deserve the protection that this country stands for before that happens. If at the end of that process, deportation is the decision of the Government, then so be it. I guess my opinion is that the issue isn't going to be settled here on Framingham Patch. So can we stop working it in to every story? Aren't there other issues that deserve some of our time as well?

Earlier today I was told that I was an "amateur" for one of my blog posts. Of course I'm an amateur Linda, if I wasn't I'd be getting paid. But beyond that, there are comments made to people that are far below good taste. No amount of name calling (and I am guilty of that crime myself) is going to change anyones opinion. Oh and posting and reposting isn't going to work either, all of us seem to be pretty set in our ways.

Jim and Joe, I get it now. There are issues that you have given a lot of your time and efforts too. You have an emotional investment in your causes. You are entitled to whatever your opinions are, but those that disagree with you aren't necessarily against everything you stand for, just maybe how you go about saying it? I'm sure that you have what you think are the best interests of Framingham in mind, but so do others.

It takes a certain amount of guts to put your ideas out on the 'net for all the world to see. It takes the same to comment on what you are reading. 

I'm sure there are people that don't post their beliefs or opinions because of how they will be received.

If you read something you don't agree with, then absolutely you have the right to explain your position. But can't it be done without the whole superiority complex shining through? There are plenty of people here more knowlegeable than myself.

Thankfully I have learned through the blogs of others, Jim Hatherly, Kira Gagarin, Ingrid Peschke and Dave Nolta to name just a few.

But I learn from The Rizoli's as well. I'm sure that they have seen a different Framingham than I have in my short time of living here. I think (And I don't mean to put words in their mouths) that they, like a LOT of us, miss the good ol'days when things were simpler.

It's Friday night and this has gone on a lot longer than I thought it would.

I enjoy the Patch! 

The idea is right (a more local and newsy Facebook/Community newspaper).

I hope we can all be a lot more respectful to each other. (You thought I was going to say nicer didn't ya?) Hopefully I don't get destroyed in the comments section for this post. But I'm ready for it. Just a rank amateur who likes to let his opinion known. So there you go!  ... my skin is getting pretty thick.

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Andy Koenigsberg January 09, 2013 at 03:06 AM
DGM - just so you know, flagging as inappropriate does not guarantee that a posting is removed. I wish that the Patch had a "like" feature as some other newspapers (and facebook) do so that commentors could see what other readers think of what they say. It would also help those readers who are not inclined to comment or are afraid to do so. As hard as I try, it's difficult to respond to the content of a comment, especially when the person is being antagonistic, but that's my goal. I wrote a whole posting about this issue sometime back: http://westborough.patch.com/blog_posts/whats-in-a-name-part-2-you-dont-like-the-message-shoot-the-messenger Bottom line - although I have had more than my share of disparaging remarks thrown my way, no one has ever pounded on my front door demanding a duel to the death, slashed my tires or subjected me to other unpleasant things. And it's not like I am all that hard to find either. Some people just throw comments on the wall to see what sticks or vent their frustrations. Some people want to have conversations. If you put yourself out in public - you just have to deal with what comes back at you. Some of it ain't pretty and some of it restores your faith in humanity.
Doug Melanson January 09, 2013 at 02:11 PM
Andy also, I also don't want you to think I was complaining about you with the "looking people up" reference. I read the above posts by someone else and I alluded to it in another post. Prompting said person to send Mary a message saying I was "looking him up" 1. Anyone can look someone up legally with a phonebook or the internet it is public knowledge 2. The persons posts from Last August, 5 months before I even discussed anything with him shows he has been paranoid about it for a long time. Or using it as a way of trying to get people in trouble on here with the editors by fabricating things. I suggest again that if he is worried about it he not talk as rude to people as he does. Like I said above if you are nice to people they won't have any reason to look you up. with that I am moving on. Next topic....
Dennis Wilson January 09, 2013 at 06:27 PM
Just wondering, DGM...have you ever posted here using the name 'Chris L' ? I'm also wondering if your comments here -- on a post originally dated August 11 -- have anything to do with a much more recent post dated January 8.
Doug Melanson January 09, 2013 at 10:11 PM
Dennis, No I have not posted under Chris L. I think my first post was December 22nd in regards to the armed gaurds in schools. Have a great night.
Doug Melanson January 09, 2013 at 10:15 PM
Also, after further thought I have requested my count be deactivated. I do not wish to get in any further arguments and because of deep issues covered here I cannot guarantee I will not get pulled in again. Life is too short and I do not wish to have that type of conversation with anyone. Again, I think all the moderators do a great job I also again want to thank Robert, Susan, Mary, Ron, Andy and I am forgetting others but there are some excellent people on here! Thanks.


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