Why are Some Businesses' Signs Up Long After They Leave?

The latest 'You Ask, Patch Answers' addresses that question.

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Today, we answer this e-mailed inquiry from a reader:

"Could someone address the laws that pertain to stores in town taking their signs down when their doors close? I've seen so many store signs still up from stores that have been closed for many years."

Building Commissioner Tin Htway replies:

"There is no direct requirement to remove a sign from business that is no longer in business, other than Section 3340.

"Section 3340 Non-Accessory Signs. Billboards or signs, whose content does not relate exclusively to the premises on which they are located, or to products, accommodations, services or activities on those premises, shall not be permitted.

"Most landlords or property managers generally have the signs removed prior to the Building Department having to look into it, but I will give it some thought if this department should take some action, and I will discuss it with legal counsel."

Dante Ferraro September 27, 2012 at 08:42 PM
what about a pet store or supermarket like petco and price rite


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