What's Your Most Outrageous Wegmans Purchase?

Patch wants to know the most bizarre, expensive or rare find you've made at Wegmans.

As I wandered the aisles of Wegmans in Abingdon the other day in quest of shampoo, I was struck with a thought.

What doesn't this place have?

A friend of mine who loves to cook does all his shopping there and has told me several times about coveted and pricey truffles that the store offers. The black truffles range in price from $300 to $1,000 a pound and are clearly out of his price range.

The fact that the store offers them, however, is something that my friend greatly appreciates.

I'll bet he's not the only one who has made a surprising find at the grocery store.

You Tell Us: Patch wants to know what is the most bizarre or outlandish item you've found at Wegmans? Was it expensive? Did you buy it or leave it on the shelf? Leave a comment.

Steve September 30, 2012 at 04:04 PM
I was buying a piece of Salmon one time and an old girlfriend saw me and started talking to me. Needless to say, I was a bit distracted. I only went there to buy a few things and when the cashier totalled me up the bill came to $125. The Salmon was $104! When I got home I was almost afraid to cook it for fear I would ruin it.
Wendy October 01, 2012 at 01:59 PM
Fresh shrimp for like $17/pound. You can get it for half the price at Giant, but I really didn't want to make another stop.
TGS October 10, 2012 at 01:29 PM
Ah, if only it were closer to me in Forest Hill! No outrageous purchase, just the extreme pleasure of finding a vast array of healthier foods to choose from: organic, gluten free, dairy free, nitrate free, etc. If you or your children have food allergies, great place to shop. Whole Foods is the only other store that's been on the same level for me in that department. (Sorry Dave's Natural!) I do like the prepped, no-brainer meat selections at Wegman's once in a while when I want to splurge ($$$$) and put something "fancy" on the dinner table, and their hot buffet line for a quick bite has no rival! (Prefer the 2nd story tables at Hunt Valley's, but Abingdon's little kiddie area rocks. Wish I had it when mine were tiny.) Wondering how they're doing, compared to high-dollar neighborhood of Hunt Valley?
TGS October 10, 2012 at 01:37 PM
Every time I see truffles, reminds me of that teenage entrepreneur/truffle dealer who now works mostly in NYC. $5000/lb for fungi???
tooraa October 16, 2012 at 01:56 AM
You have to understand the magnificence of the truffle. Wegmans could even sell the rice that they sit in for something per pound. The rice I'm sure is very fragrant.


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