TELL US: Does a More Politicized 'Buy Nothing Day' Change Your View of Efforts to Cool Consumer Fever?

This Friday's 'Buy Nothing Day,' same day as 'Black Friday,' has taken on a new political tinge. Does that change how you view the effort to keep the holidays from becoming one big shopping trip?

'Buy Nothing Day,' a 20-year old tradition of reminding people that there is more to Thanksgiving and Christmas than shopping, this year has taken on even more political coloring:

Buy Nothing Day/#Occupy Xmas.

Last year, 2011, was the first year Buy Nothing Day was connected to the Occupy movement; both are brought to you by Adbusters, a passionately anti-capitalist organization out of Canada.

The Adbusters homepage with information about Buy Nothing Day/#Occupy Xmas, is dominated by a Guy Fawkes mask, emblematic of the Occupy movement and by this quote:

“Today, humanity faces a stark choice: save the planet and ditch capitalism, or save capitalism and ditch the planet.” 
– Fawzi Ibrahim

So here's the question: does the closer connection of Buy Nothing Day with the Occupy movement make it more appealing to you by giving it some political heft? Or does it take a plea for holiday simplicity and purity into the very kind of political realm that holidays are supposed to take us beyond? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Charlie Schnapps November 21, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Ick. I'd support a "no shopping day"' only as it relates to not spoiling my kids. The politicized "Buy Nothing Day" and its association with the ridiculous Occupy Movement makes me want to get out my credit cards immediately.
Debbie November 21, 2012 at 11:43 PM
I love the idea of a "no shopping day", I was just lamenting how people are forgetting about being with their families. But DO NOT associate this the Occupy Movement - I agree with the comment from Charlie. I love capitalism. And if we don't shop stores won't open - that is how capitalism works. We need to show what we want by our actions.


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