Nutritional Healer Opens in Westborough

Gail Harrington opens the Nutrition Response Center.

At her new Westborough practice, nutritional healer Gail Harrington says her clients include "a painter who comes in, and he's allergic to some of the painting things."
"So, he's found low toxic paint supplies when he can," Harrington says.

Harrington opened the Nutrition Response Center at 160 East Main St., Suite A in June after three years of doing nutrition for Dr. Leroy White in Framingham, she said Monday.

Harrington said she was trained in nutrition response testing by someone who "developed a system of finding problems on people, and then finding solutions."

Becoming ill herself in 2005 ultimately led Harrington toward this career path.

"I couldn't do anything. I was hard up," Harrington said.

"They said I had MS, and they said I had some other things."

Her sister, a massage therapist, took her to a seminar that proved to be life changing.

"I just thought it was all strange and weird, because they were using kinesiology and pushing down arms," Harrington said.

"I was like, 'What are you bringing me to?'"

Harrington then went to see White for treatment.

"It took about a year for me to feel like I wasn't dead or almost dead," she said.

Becoming a nutritional healer was natural for Harrington.

"My mom's a nurse, and we always talked frankly about every problem we ever had," she said.

"I have so many nurse friends. And every one of them, they'd say, 'Why don't you become a nurse?'

"This was more, you could get to see the progress of someone. You get to see someone leave here after a few months and say, 'That was great.'"

In muscle testing, "we'll hold up someone's arm and apply some pressure. And when I get to an organ that is weak -- say you had a heart attack -- your arm won't go strong. It stays weak because it's saying there's no good connection. It's almost like you had a snip in a wire; you don't get the light to go on," Harrington explained.

"So then, I find out what happened to that heart. What I do is I find the right nutrition to help build that heart back up."

Tony Mallozzi September 19, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Great news for Jill. What is her contact?
Michael Gelbwasser September 19, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Whoops. The business owner's first name is Gail. It was correct in the second headline, but not in the story. It's been fixed.
Dr Leroy White Jr. September 20, 2012 at 01:07 AM
i've worked with Gail as a patient through to becoming a certified Clinical Nutritionalist. she has a strong intuitive sense and a healers touch. this is a powerful combination that is rare. if you or anyone you love is suffering from any unresloved illness that has been given up on by the medical world, you owe it to yoursellf to give Ms Harrington a call and see what the bodies inborn wisdom will reveal. the answers are closer than you may think. Dr. Leroy White Jr.


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