5 Local Gifts to Give Yourself

Enough with all those people on your list; what about you?


It’s been a long few weeks of trying to figure out what every else might like for the holidays. It can be fun, but it can also be exhausting. So, while you are out and about in Westborough, take a minute to give yourself a gift. Here are five ideas to consider:


1. Stop by on West Main Street, just a block from the rotary. A few minutes to browse will bring your blood pressure down a few points as you enjoy the beauty of some of the area’s best artists and craftspeople. Treat yourself to a piece of custom jewelry or pottery, or invest in something to display in your home.

2. Pull into on Route 9 east at the junction of Route 135. Select a half dozen canolis to take home and enjoy through the week with a cup of coffee while you take a break from the holiday chaos.

3. Drop in on one of the floral shops in Westborough to browse for a holiday centerpiece. on South Street near the rotary, on Warburton Lane just past Uhlman’s Ice Cream and on East Main Street all have a variety of pieces for the holidays.

4. Browse the magazine racks at to find something to read. Have a seat in the café, get a hot drink, pull out your magazine and forget about…um… what holiday?

5. Sneak a peek at the treasures that fill on the corner of the rotary and West Main Street. Owner Deb Limanek works in stained glass and has extraordinary pieces for sale. She also sells creations by area artists. Pick up a hand blown glass ornament or crafted earrings for the holidays.


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