New WHS Principal Has Dream Career

Brian Callaghan comes from a family of teachers.

Westborough High School Principal Brian Callaghan
Westborough High School Principal Brian Callaghan
Wednesday, Brian Callaghan's dream has its next memorable moment.

Westborough's school year starts Wednesday, and it's Callaghan's first first day as Westborough High School principal.

Callaghan spent the past six years as an WHS assistant principal, and served seven years as the athletic director before that. Callaghan was an assistant principal under John Smith, who became Dover-Sherborn High School headmaster this summer, ending six years here.

"I've always dreamed of having a career that I felt good about, that challenged me, that I could be good at, and that I could grow in," he said.

"I certainly have found that to be the case with high school administration."

The longtime member of the WHS family comes from "a family of teachers": his mother, who has taught for 43 years; his father, who "after owning a small business in town" became an assistant superintendent; his sister; his brother; and his wifes.

"Public service has been a big part of our family, my upbringing," Callaghan said.

Callaghan's career started in 1993, teaching high school history and math in his hometown of Rochester, N.H.

In 1994, he became a high school history teacher at West Boylston Middle School-High School.

In 2000, he came to WHS as athletic director, and taught history.

"I'll do what I'm asked to do," Callaghan said.

"I think that's important to be a loyal member of the staff: to pitch in and do what you're asked to do. That's what I feel I'm doing now."

Callaghan said one issue Westborough High faces is the need for "a single, coordinated message about the mission of our school, and our values."

"What we see sometimes is misinformation taking over from factual information. And that concerns us as educators," he said.

He said he is working with the senior leadership group toward "formalizing a communication platform with students in our school" starting this fall.

"So many things go on, and not everybody knows when the game is or when the concert is. So we want a single realm to have either a calendar, or through tweets or Facebook," Callaghan said.

"How kids are accessing information, we want to make sure its real and relevant and clear." 

And Callaghan described his approach to discipline as "clear expectations. Firm. And build into the consequences a support plan: how can a student do better?"
"I believe strongly in accountability, but also in growth, learning," he said.
"I believe very strongly that you can learn more from your failures than successes."


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