Westborough Town Hall Furniture Gets New Homes

Saturday's silent auction proceeds will go to Westborough's general fund as miscellaneous revenue.

Video by Michael Gelbwasser.
Video by Michael Gelbwasser.
Saturday morning, the Westborough Town Hall entrance had a "sale" sign on it.

People left with sets of chairs used during meetings at the town landmark over the decades.

Sinks, office desks and other town hall furniture will go to new homes as well: the highest bidders from this past Saturday's silent auction there.

Community members made bids, not votes, in the building at 34 West Main St.

Assistant Town Manager/Human Resources Director Kristi Williams and Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Frank Cornine will review the bids on Monday and contact the high bidders, who must remove their new furniture by 4 p.m. Thursday.

The exceptions: about 450 antique wooden folding chair sets were available for $5 per set, cash and carry.

The auction proceeds will go to Westborough's general fund as miscellaneous revenue, Williams has said.

The auction will precede the town hall renovation project. On Nov. 26, selectmen awarded the general contractor bid for the renovation to RAC Builders Inc. for $5,394,700.

The town hall closed in late September, after all of the offices were relocated.


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