Fundraiser Planned to Help Gingras Family

A yard sale and fun day will take place to help a Westborough man paralyzed this summer in a motorcycle accident.

To say that life has had its hardships for longtime Westborough resident 37-year-old Jimmy Gingras, Jr. and his family would be an understatement.

On June 29, Jimmy was involved in a serious motorcycle accident which left him in critical condition at UMass Memorial Hospital. He sustained internal injuries and was left without the use of his legs. After many weeks of hospitalization, Jimmy was moved to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston where he will endure extensive rehabilitation. He remains in the hospital today, adjusting to life in a wheelchair and learning to move forward.

Prior to the accident, Jimmy worked in construction and was the sole provider for his family. Not only did his salary provide for his wife Rachel and their two boys, 12-year-old Avery and 5-month-old Aiden, but it helped to pay the bills for the home they share with Jimmy’s mother Joann, sister Jenny and her daughter.

Jimmy’s family endured a string of hardships prior to the accident. When Jimmy was in his early twenties his father, “Big Jim,” was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The disease progressed steadily, his battle ending in 2007. Shortly after the passing of Big Jim, Joann was also diagnosed with MS. 

In order to better care for his ailing mother, Jimmy moved back into his childhood home, bringing his family with him. A second floor addition was added to the home to accommodate them. Jenny and her daughter, Lily, also live at the home. Although it has been hard financially, Jimmy was determined to keep the family together and keep his mother well cared for.     

Everything changed on June 29. 

Jimmy no longer has a job he can go back to. The home will need renovations and the Gingras family faces yet another in a long line of hardships. 

Luckily, years ago, Joann met a woman at who has become a dear and devoted friend. Barbara Bowman gives meaning to the adage “a friend in need is a friend in deed.”

As a way to help the Gingras family, Barbara organized a fundraiser and silent auction to help raise money for their medical and living expenses. The event will take place at the Tufts Machine parking lot on Sept. 17. As part of the fundraiser, which Barbara is calling a “yard sale/fun day,” there will be a yard sale, a magician, a face painter and a silent auction. Donations for the silent auction include Red Sox tickets, tee time at and various restaurant gift certificates. She is hoping to add more items and appreciates any donations.

To donate to the silent auction contact Barbara Bowman at 508-330-4209. 

Friends of Jimmy Gingras have started the Jim Gingras Fund to help Jimmy honor his commitment to keep his family intact - through thick and thin. The mission statement reads “The Jim Gingras Fund was established in July 2011 dedicated to establish financial support for Jim and Rachel Gingras through fundraising events and private charitable donations.”

For more information or to donate visit: http://www.jimgingrasfund.org/

marc Vigeant September 17, 2011 at 01:21 AM
I read the article today and it really made me feel like doing something. I called to donate to October's benefit. My prayers go out to Jim and his family!


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