Former Westborough Resident Needs Help After Fire

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Jill Paolini's apartment in Texas was destroyed by a fire yesterday. Credit: GoFundMe
Jill Paolini's apartment in Texas was destroyed by a fire yesterday. Credit: GoFundMe
A former Westborough resident's apartment caught on fire this week and her friend, Leigh Hopkins Walker, put up this GoFundMe post in an effort to help her friend to raise money to recover from the losses. 

From the page: 

Jill Paolini grew up in Westborough and graduated from WHS in 1987. She now lives in Austin TX with her two young sons. On 2/2/14, Jill's apartment was completely destroyed by a fire. She lost everything - save for her keys, phone and dog. FORTUNATELY, the boys were not home when the fire struck. Physically Jill is okay, but as you can imagine, this loss is devastating.

If you know Jill, you know she was just starting a new chapter in her life as a single mom. You also know that she is a resilient, spirited, creative woman who won't hesitate to help someone in need. 

For those of us not geographically close to Jill, I've set up this page so folks can make donations which will go directly to Jill for her to use as needed for her and the boys. I know her friends in Austin will rally around her, but Westborough/Boston is home and I know there are many folks who want to help.

So do what you can. And count your blessings!



GoFundMe has become a popular alternative for people looking to raise money for myriad causes. 

There are people looking to raise money to send cheerleaders to competitions, others raising money for funeral services for a loved one, people needing financial help with a pet... the list goes on and on. 

Here are five nearby causes that are looking for help. Check out these causes and find out more about them. Go to GoFundMe to find even more. 


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