Cub Scouts Invite Patch Editor to Speak About Media

The third graders had a lesson in reporting.

On Monday, April 9, six Cub Scouts in Westborough Pack 4, Den 3 invited Westborough Patch editor to speak about communications and reporting.

The group met in the basement of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, where Kurtz told the Scouts how to gather information to report a story. She then put them to work.

The boys, students at and elementary schools, were armed with reporter's notebooks and learned the five W's of reporting: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Each boy reported on the jobs of the parents in the room and then interviewed each other about their weekend.

"That was impressive," said Kurtz after hearing the boys' reports.

Based on their outstanding reports, It is safe to say that Westborough has a new den of "cub" reporters.


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