Award Winning Body Belongs to Westborough Mom

At 43, Cyndy Bohn is world class bodybuilding competitor.


Cyndy Bohn of Westborough is an award winning bodybuilder, personal trainer and exercise director. This month, at age 43, the mother of two qualified to compete on a world stage, but she made the unexpected decision not to compete…yet.

“I absolutely love sharing my passion for fitness with members of my community and it brings me so much pleasure when I hear from members that the classes I teach have changed their lives physically and have empowered them mentally to make positive changes in their lives,” said Bohn.

Bohn is the Group Exercise Director at where she teaches several group exercise classes a week and is a personal trainer. She said she has been an athlete her entire life. Though, it was when she entered law enforcement that she became more serious about physical fitness.

She attended Law Enforcement Academy at age 21, after which she was hired by the Department of Corrections and assigned to the women's prison MCI Framingham. A year later, she was hired by the US Department of Justice and attended the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

While at the Academy and during her career as a law enforcement officer, physical ability was very important to Bohn. She was determined to perform physically equal to, if not better than, her male counterparts, she said. 

In 1999, at thirty-one years old, she took fitness to another level, competing in her first bodybuilding competition. She came in first place. At the time, because she had a two-year-old daughter and a demanding career, she decided not to compete at  the next level. Still, she continued to work out, weight train and compete in road races.  

Now, 11 years later, Bohn is the mother of 13-year-old daughter Dana and 7-year-old son Jackson. She retired from law enforcement in 2009 and began her career in fitness.

She also readied to return to bodybuilding.

While away from the competitive bodybuilding world, things changed. A new category called Figure was added. Figure is not as muscular as women's bodybuilding. Rather, it is judged on leanness and muscular development, but it requires a more feminine look. 

In June 2011, feeling as if she was in the best shape of her life, Bohn entered the North East Classic International Natural Bodybuilding Federation Competition, one of the biggest all natural competitions on the East Coast. Amateur athletes traveled to this venue from all over the country to earn "Professional Status" in the federation. Bohn entered to compete in the Figure category.

Bohn won first place, becoming a Professional World Natural Bodybuilding Federation competitor. Her family, friends and clients all came to watch and cheer her on. Standing on the stage, she said she could hear her children cheering for her.

On Nov. 5, Bohn entered the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation’s Monster Mash. She came in second place, qualifying her to go to the World Competition in New York City the following week. But, after such rigorous training and such a quick rise to the professional level, Bohn opted to wait and prepare to go next year.

Training for competition as a body builder takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, she explained. According to Bohn, her training schedule and diet start in earnest 10 to 12 weeks prior to competition dates. While continuing to teach classes and train clients, Bohn weight trains five to six days a week and cardio trains on three or four days.

“The most difficult part of this preparation is ‘diet’,” said Bohn. "There is no room for snacks, cheat days, a sip of this or a taste of that. Everything is measured and is eaten for its nutritional value and effect, and not for taste.”

Bohn is a woman who does not back down from difficult situations. As a law enforcement officer, she spent years working in Boston carrying a gun, driving an undercover cruiser and engaging with the most dangerous criminals in the state of Massachusetts.

Now, as a bodybuilder, she pushes her body to the limit and beyond. She is a role model to young women, an example that hard work and determination pay off.

As a mother of a teenage daughter, Bohn says, “I hope I have so far raised a solid young woman who is confident, aware of her surroundings and knows there are no boundaries in her career path choices.” 


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